Our Mission 

John R. Shipman manages portfolios for pre-retirees and retirees to assist them in maximizing their retirement income and later, their legacies.

The Shipman Team’s objective is to establish multi-generational relationships.  We are anxious to serve our clients’ financial needs and to earn their trust through honesty, integrity, results and open lines of communication.  Our promise is our devotion to our clients as if they were our own families.  John and Myra are financial professionals dedicated to helping individuals and families pursue their goals and dreams based on specific individualized needs.  Maintaining our clients’ trust and confidence in building a more financially secure future will be the measure of our own success.

Investment Strategy

The goal of the Shipman Team is to increase our clients’ assets by earning a reasonable rate of return commensurate with clients’ goals and risk tolerance levels to help meet their objectives, while at the same time, minimizing portfolio volatility.  We work with clients in distributing assets among various investments, taking into consideration such factors as individual risk tolerance, goals, and time horizons.  We help manage your expectations.

Our independent and un-biased investment discipline is based upon principles of portfolio allocation and maintaining a balance of risk and return. By investing in combinations of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, annuities, insurance and/or cash equivalents, The Shipman Team can offer clients products that help meet their personalized expectations for service and results. Through relationships built over almost three decades, we offer a wide variety of financial products and services.  We also have access to tax and estate planning services through additional outside professional relationships developed over our combined many years in the financial world.